Bath Pool League


Just a reminder that the due date is this Wednesday, July 3rd!

Dear BCA Bath Pool League Members~

​       It has come to my attention that there are questions concerning the BCA Sanction Fee and the Bath Pool League Membership Fee.  Many of you~~even some who have been members for many seasons, are under the impression that you are being charged twice for the same league.  I understand how it appears that way because this is the first year that our own league (Bath Pool League) has actually had our own  national sanction with BCA since the very beginning of BCA's fiscal year which begins June 1st.  This is the date that our sanction fees are due IF WE HAVE AN ACTIVE SESSION, which we do. Perhaps the following organizational facts will help you to understand the distribution of these separate fees.

#1~BCA is a NATIONAL ORGANIZATION which charges ALL shooters $15 annual fee for being a member.  This provides not only the eligibility to shoot at state and national events, but there are also several businesses which offer discounts for supplies and merchandise to BCA members.  They keep national stats on every member of every league associated with BCA in the United States as well as other  participating countries.  Every cent of your $15 is sent to BCA even if you only shoot ONE MATCH throughout the entire year!!  When we have a sub, and this person disappears without paying, Bath Pool League is responsible for making the payment. On the other hand, your cost for BCA is only $15 regardless of how many times you shoot, or how many sessions of the same sanctioned league in which you are also a member.

#2~We are all members of the BATH POOL LEAGUE in which I operate one summer and one winter session of 8-Ball Teams, two sessions of Scotch Doubles, and 4 sessions of 9-Ball, not to mention several tournaments and banquets throughout the year. 


 Prior to this year, we were divisions of the Rochester Pool League, and then the Corning Area Tavern League. I generally collected the $15 Membership Fee in the fall as that is when I had to send it to Rochester or Corning as their leagues did not start until late fall.  I collected the BCA sanction fee during the summer so that I also had this money to give to them when they submitted their BCA sanctions for us in October.  Perhaps this is what created the confusion as you were paying these separate fees during different sessions instead of during the first division as we did this summer.  

3.   Previously, when we were under the sanctioning umbrella of other leagues, I was only organizing the TWO sessions of 8-Ball Teams.  BECAUSE we are now our own league,  I no longer have to send the MEMBERSHIP FEE for Bath Pool League to the operators in Rochester or Corning.  I now have the opportunity to KEEP this local membership to help compensate for the supplies and time that it costs to operate the league. During the summer league,  each of you will be paying me $1/week as the league operator.   In the winter session, if it is the SECOND session of the Bath Pool League in which you have played, the fee will be only $10 which will be less than 50 cents per person per week. Should you participate in the fall Scotch-Doubles, the fee will be only $5.  Anything after three sessions is free!  

4.  I work very hard for this league, both in the paperwork, the organization, and in trying to make sure that people keep it fun.  It takes a lot of time to operate this pool league with all of the diversity of sessions we offer, not to mention the diversity in personalities that make us the family that we are...dysfunctional as we may sometimes be!  I know that most of you appreciate the work that I do for the sport that we all love, and I know that most of you respect me as a shooter and, more importantly, as a friend.  I can only hope that you will understand that I am NOT charging you "double"... I am just for the first time actually being able to keep the membership fees for the Bath Pool League as its League Operator instead of sending it to others.

​5.  Please contact me person... if you need further clarification, or are upset about the local Bath Pool League membership fee that you HAVE been paying for the past six years.

 Truly Do LuvYa~~


               Hot Summer Pool

MONDAYS~~There are only 2 weeks left in Session #2 of                                       9-Ball for Points!

                                              You Go, Jimmy O.

TUESDAYS~~ Scotch Doubles is still strong, and even more fun with our new format of playing 3 different matches with 3 different teams at the same location!!

​Congratulations on your Graduation from Nursing School,                                            Rose Rice


What an interesting season this will be with the new teams that have joined us for the summer!!



            SUBS are still welcome and wanted!!